Drug War

We watched an episode of “Hooked” on the History Channel last night. This one was about heroine. I’m fairly certain that the History Channel is being paid to create propaganda for the government. There was some history there and it did give me some ideas to look into, but the stuff was a little deep for me to wade through.

First of all, I really like how they used statements like “Since the British got all of China hooked on opium…”, as if the Chinese had no choice but to use the drug. Apparently, the Chinese are so stupid or gullible that they will just take whatever the west gives them and use it until they all die. They couldn’t have thought it was great, used it a while, find out what it does to people, and then warn each other of the dangers. It just bugs me

Second, there was no violence associated with drug use throughout time. Some people did it. Some doctors and drug companies later promoted it and then changed their minds. Some people ruined their lives over it or killed themselves, sometimes their children. But no one was killing people to get it or stop others from getting it. No one but the user (usually) was hurt by it. It was voluntary. Then the governments started to make it illegal, violence and crime went up, and it’s the drugs fault. What? Can no one else see this? How can the majority of Americans see even THIS show and agree with the conclusions?


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