I’m Glad I Did

I decided to read just a little bit more before I did the dishes and I’m glad I did! I found this wonderful quote in a letter from Alfred H. Love in 1861. It’s in a book called “We Who Dared to Say No to War”.

“Let us heed that we do not become driftwood. The rushing tide has overleaped its banks, driftwood will not dam it – will not control it – rock masonry will. Stay this flood of waters, and it will deepen and compose; and its great powers, instead of dashing along uncontrolled, to waste, devastating all in its course, may be used to turn the glorious machinery of the world, the grist mills and the sawmills – the wheels of thought and action, of utility and morality!”

Wow! Can you see it? The flooding rivers cascading down destroying all in its path. When it hits the strong dam, rushes against it with all its fury but fills and calms into a pool that, when let out slowly, can be used for positive industry. That is what we need to be when opposing large forces of evil. That first defense may be hurt or shaken but if built of strong stuff holds true and holds back the tide of negative energy until it cools and becomes calm enough to use positively.

I’m constantly wondering what use is it to stand against those in the majority that join the flow of anything that comes along; war, control, terrorism, forced vaccines, etc. I may be crushed under the weight of it all. But this encourages me. Along with others like me, I can be a brick in that wall that calms the tide of violence.


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