“I Think I’ll Sit This One Out” Milton S Mayer


Here a couple of my favorite quotes but the whole article is filled with some great stuff.

“If I want to beat Fascism, I cannot beat it at its own game. War is at once the essence and the apotheosis, the beginning and the triumph, of Fascism, and when I go to war I join “Hitler’s” popular front against the man in men. I cannot fight animals their way without turning animal myself.”

“Equity rests on reason, not on force.”

“It means that in choosing the lesser evil the world grows worse a little slower than if the greater evil is chosen.”

Saying there are only two evils to choose from is closing our mind to other options that may be out there. There ARE more than two choices!

“I cannot concede that the world is condemned and that the only question is whether we shall enjoy a few years’ or a century’s stay of execution. I cannot concede that our civilization is through, that we have to risk collapse now or certainly get it later. And it is not because I am mystical. It is because I know who makes these wars that pull down civilizations. It is not stones, or fences, or clouds. It is men. And unless we acknowledge our responsibility, along with our rights, as men, I cannot see how we can claim our rights. If we are only animals, as incapable of solving our central problem as other animals, why, then, Hitler has justice with him when he treats men like animals. For the only justice among animals is the justice of the strong.”


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