I Must Be the Only One

Reading my Facebook feed this morning, I feel like I’m completely alone. I’m the only person against same-sex “marriage”. Yep. I said it! I’m agin’ it! But it’s not what you think. I’m not for any state sanctioned marriage at all. You know how we can promote equality in the United States? By the government, especially the federal government, staying out of religious ceremonies. And that is what marriage is, a religious ceremony. If your religion does not allow same-sex marriage, you should work that out with your religion, not the state. What happens now when a church does not want to perform a same-sex marriage because they believe it is wrong? Will they be forced to do so, like the businesses that are forced to take money from people they don’t agree with? How is that “equality”?

The state should be upholding contracts between consenting adults and that is all. Anyone should be able to make legally binding contract with any other adult to be that persons legal partner. It has nothing to do with sex, love, or religion. Taxes, insurance, community property; none of these things should be linked to marriage. Your church “marrying” you should not count toward legal things. It’s a religious thing. You should need to have a “civil union” contract between you as well to be recognized by the legal system.

I’m disgusted with the hurrah and excitement over the state overloads condescending to allow consenting adult to sign a binding contract. It’s ridiculous!


One thought on “I Must Be the Only One

  1. I am also against it. Just like they don’t want God in the schools. Everyone to their own but you don’t have to push ip same-sex marriage up on me if I don’t believe in it. Obama just has his own agendas behind it all.


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