Abortion Is Wrong

Yesterday my son asked me why abortion is legal. Why would someone do that? It was a tough one to answer. Even tougher to answer was why I haven’t written to my representatives so that they know I believe it to be horribly wrong. It came up because of the Planned Parenthood news. Watching those people describe what they could do made our whole family sick. Worse was hearing people defend it. Or not really defend it, only say that “even pro-choice people are upset by these videos.” But I wondered why? If you believe that life is not at conception, then why would you be upset about the way human tissue was harvested? My fourteen year old son knew why and was very verbal about how disgusting it was. Because you can fool yourself into thinking it’s ok but you can’t face the fact when it’s staring you in the face. You can’t face the reality of what you’re doing. That is what these videos are showing the world.

Personally, I believe that there is a human life inside you the moment its little heart begins to beat. I know it. I know it because I grieved when I miscarried three babies before the first trimester was over. I don’t know a woman in the world that doesn’t find out she’s pregnant and feel that life growing inside her. I can understand and sympathize that there are other feelings that go with it though, depending on the circumstances of the pregnancy.

I knew it when I saw that heart beating during an ultrasound, saw that small life, so fragile growing there despite my fear and doubt about what kind of mother I would be. My circumstances were ideal though and I can imagine ones that could fill a woman with some pretty terrible feelings but none of them would justify another person advising to kill that life before it has a chance to start. Rape? Does one horrible act justify another? Disease or abnormality? Poverty? Do miracles not happen? Do positive outcomes and inspiration only come from rich and well bred families?

So here it is to the world and I will be sending this to my Congress people. I believe that abortion is a horror we need to stop perpetrating. We need to stop convincing ourselves that there are circumstances that it perfectly ok, normal to kill your unborn baby. When it does happen we need to face up to the reality of what has happened and grieve it.

Please stop the wholesale killing of the unborn. It is wrong. There is nothing that can justify it and make it ok. There is not a disease or ailment that you can cure that would equal the potential life of that child. Pregnancy is avoidable. Take “control of your own body” before there is a life growing inside it.

I’m not used to using strong words like this but the horror and sadness in my sons’ eyes tells me that we’ve been silent too long.

What is this world coming to?

Once again the righteous indignation reigns online. It seems a public stoning is in order! There are a lot of people (friends/family) on Facebook posting some pretty nasty stuff. This time it was about a man who killed a lion on a hunting expedition. I can completely understand not condoning hunting. I’m not, but I can understand those that do. It’s a valid argument and I really don’t think either side will ever be proven right. But should we condemning an individual over it? Should we be posting his picture, where he works, where he lives, along with words like “hate” “evil” and “rot in hell”?

More and more I’m disgusted with the human race and it’s treatment of its fellows. Is this what our future holds? Is there no forgiveness? Is there no compassion? I feel horrible for this man. His whole life is ruined over one incident that he may have learned something from. I just pray that those that post these hateful and violent things never have the tables turned on them.


I’m getting ready to do a lecture about how to get started homeschooling. I don’t want to go in and just talk off the top of my head. I want resources to hand out and a real solid talk. So I’m doing some new research. What has changed? What is out there for new homeschoolers? I’m reading a lot and of course I come across a lot of “school at home” type stuff. We are not “school at home” people. Watching my children unfold into young men, I’ve fully embraced the radical unschooling lifestyle…or so I thought.

When we first started I really loved the idea of school. My teachers must not have done it right because I hated being there. I would do it right for my kids! So I planned and plotted for Kindergarten. It didn’t last. I just didn’t want to spend my days coercing my sons into doing the work I wanted them to do. And besides, the more I looked at it, the more I realized what a waste of time it was. I mean, why do small children need to work on scissor skills? How often are you cutting out small pieces of paper and gluing them to other pieces of paper? Unless you’re some kind of artist, I don’t see it being important. So why would I spend weeks trying to get my kid to do it right when he really is bored stupid by it and can’t see the point. If he doesn’t learn now and ends up being a paper model maker, don’t you think he would be able to figure it out later? Is it a skill that you have to learn by a certain age or lose forever?

This argument goes for every academic skill. When you need it and see the need to learn it, have the desire to learn it, you can. Just wait. I’ve lived by that. But…

I’m reading all these articles about reading lists, curriculum, and high school credits. It shakes me. Am I doing enough for my kids? Should I make them do high school? When I watch them and not the world around me, or the world the articles present, I don’t think so. They are bright, eager, and wanting to be in the world. They follow current events and talk about the world at the dinner table. They ask questions and read articles, argue with people online. They find information they need and bring ideas to the table that I would never have thought of. So why do I sit here second guessing what we are doing?

Because that is how strong twelve years of public education indoctrination is. It is what I was taught. Much like those that have escaped a long term abuse situation have to fight to stay away and not continue to do what they escaped from, I have to keep fighting to make new habits and continue down the path I have decided to take. This is why I really do despise the public school system we have. It creates dependents that create more dependents. It’s not something you can sit idly by and take it or leave it. It is destructive to real education, to becoming a whole independent person.


I was reading Thoreau’s “Walking” this morning and found something interesting.

“So staying in the house, on the other hand, may produce a softness and smoothness, not to say thinness of skin, accompanied by an increased sensibility to certain impressions.”

It reminded me of people being offended on the internet. We all stay indoors mostly, connected to the world through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Has it made us more “thin skinned”? If we spent more time out in the world would we not worry so much if someone is flying a flag or going to the zoo?

I’m not advocating getting rid of your electronic world. I’m saying go out into the physical world and see it, experience it fully, and maybe even bring it back to the electronic world to share.


All this talk about putting the flags at half mast for the soldiers killed in Chattanooga. Why are they special? What about all the other soldiers killed every day? What about all the men and women that come back from overseas broken beyond use, physically and (more so) mentally? What about the civilians killed? I say we put the flags at half mast until we end this stupid war. Honestly. Why should we mourn these dead more than any others? Mourn them all. And stop volunteering to be the next to be sacrificed by our government.


I found this on Facebook this morning and it really struck me.

10423844_10153522159986757_6671207645176053512_nI’ve always been a picture person. I get a lot more information from a picture than words. This image just about sums up my world view.

When I’m reading an article or talking with someone, my hope is that I am trying to see their “true” from their perspective and share mine at the same time. We may never actually see the “truth” but at least we can understand that the other person is not evil or wrong, just different.


That’s the word that keeps coming to mind when I hear about the shooting in Chatanooga. A man, reportedly a Muslim/ISIS sympathizer shoots at a military recruiting office and kills four people. The news is calling it “domestic terrorism” but aren’t we at war with ISIS? And didn’t he attack a military target inside the US? Wouldn’t that be an act of war?

I believe that the families of those that were killed should be outraged at our government for the arrogance they show. They seem to believe that the United States is immune to attacks on its own land. Our military bases and related businesses are mostly unarmed. There is no real security or sense of threat while we are, in all intents and purposes, at war.

Another thing. As we were driving home from our long vacation we stopped for gas and found two armored humvees rolling through, with armed men on top of them. Through town. They had a sign on the back of one that said “military exercises”. They stopped and got out, armed and at ready, obviously watching for trouble. People were nearby waiting to get into a restaurant watching them. People sleeping in the hotel rooms behind them. People walking their dog. And the best part? Half of them were not in any kind of uniform. If I were a braver person and didn’t have my children with me, I would have stopped to ask them what was up. Why are they doing this kind of thing? And why does no one have a fit about it? I find it strange and terrifying. How do I know these men are a “military exercise”? I probably should have called 911. It makes me ill to think that I didn’t. I wonder if anyone else did.


That’s what we’re doing right now, not camping. My posts are sparse because I’m on vacation with my family. We all look forward to these long driving trips all year. There is no real plan in the typical sense. We just get in the RV and go. If we like the town we’re in and it looks like there are museums or historical sights to see, we stay for bit and then move on. Gas and rv parks are the big expenses but I wouldn’t trade it for all the tea in China!