According to my list I was supposed to read a few of Voltaire’s “Letters on the English”, parliament, government, and trade. BUT! I was thumbing through and found “On Inoculation” and it sounded much more interesting considering the recent uproar about vaccinations in California.

I learned something very interesting about the smallpox inoculation. It came from the Turks! They are the ones that figured out that people that had a minor infection were less likely to die from it. Contracting through the skin also made it less terrible, and the young and healthy rarely died. It’s a very interesting letter. You can read it here.

It’s not long at all, a five minute read. And the Wikipedia article was interesting as well.

I find it fascinating that France forbid people to get these inoculations and now in the US they are forcing people to get them. Both were wrong. A free, self-governing people should be examining evidence and weighing the risks themselves for each and every vaccine that comes out. Convince me why I should risk the effects of either the disease or the vaccine.


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