Living in the Past

I’ve been thinking about the words “living in the past” a lot lately. It came up because of Jethro Tull being played in the car but for some reason the phrase really has stuck with me. There are so many ways to be living in the past. You could be angry about something that has happened and cannot be resolved. You could have had a wonderful period in your life and now that it’s over you don’t want to move on. You could be romanticizing how it would be to live in another time period that you model your world on it and don’t come out. No matter what, you’re missing today when you live in the past.

If you’re angry about something that has happened; a situation that didn’t go well, someone hurt you, something didn’t work out as you had hoped that it would, you can’t sit in the now and continue to be angry. What would help you move on to the new? Do it. You’re missing your present! You’re missing the family, job, house, car, plant, pet, or whatever that you have right now.

If you had a wonderful time in your life and it’s over for whatever reason, don’t just sit there reminiscing! Find the new wonderful. Life can still be good, maybe in a different way.

If you think living in the woods, off the land, on the beach, in Victorian England, would be the best life ever, I understand that! But there is so much good in our current time. I wouldn’t change being able to see pictures of my family from all over the country at the touch of a button for any cabin in the woods with a vegetable garden.

When I find myself dwelling on the past and what could have been, I stop and think to myself “This is depression sneaking up on me and it lies like the devil!” I won’t have it. I won’t let what could have been take away what I have now or stop me from looking for what is coming in the future! What has happened to me was not in my control, but how I respond to it is, regardless of how I feel in the moment it happens.


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