Just a little ranting

This won’t be a well thought out or nicely worded blog post. It’s more of a rant.

Charter schools. I’m tired of hearing about how people only homeschool through the charter school’s to pay for classes. Do people not realize that what they are doing is deciding that other people should pay for their children’s karate, dance, or theater class? I do realize that public schools offer these types of things, but when they do, it’s pretty basic.

My sons recently found out that they like to do indoor rock climbing. A new place in our area opened up and someone in our homeschool group put together a group ticket to try it out. They loved it and we’ve been going about once a week ever since. I’ve been paying month to month until we decide that we really like it and will continue to go. Then I’ll probably buy six months at a time. My children like it. It encourages them to be active and keeps them healthy. I pay for it. If they were in school, they’d be playing baseball or running or whatever people do for P.E. these days. And they could do that for free here if we didn’t have the money to pay for the super cool indoor rock climbing. FYI, it isn’t cheap and we really have to set aside money to do it instead of other things.

But a few weeks ago, the owner let me know that they are now a “vendor” for charter schools and if we belonged to one, we could have the state pay for our membership. Really? So now, I’m sure their prices won’t come down because the state of infinite money will pay probably any price because they take it from other people.

Some friends of mine reminded me of this fine fact today and that’s why I’m ranting about it now. Did you know that you pay taxes to the state and federal government so that the states public school children can go rock climbing for P.E.?

State Charter School homeschool programs bug me for WAY more than this, but it’s a big one.


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