I saw this posted on Facebook.

41 Stores (And Counting) That Won’t Be Open On Thanksgiving

And this was my response.

“And those that would really have liked to have that that holiday pay and have their family feast on Saturday are pretty bummed. By the way, I couldn’t find out if any of those stores have ever been open on Thanksgiving.
I understand the sentiment, that spending time together on a holiday should be more important than buying things, but not everyone wants to. Some would rather have the money, or need the money.
Think of all those happy families we used to entertain on Thanksgiving Day at Disneyland. It was a sweet check for us AND the people that chose to spend their holiday at the park instead of at home were thrilled with happy memories being made.
It’s the same with retailers. Maybe I’d rather go shopping on Thanksgiving day with my Grandma and have lunch together at a restaurant. I think we need to but out of what others are doing. If you don’t want to shop and you’d rather have a dinner day with your family, then by all means do.


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