Reaction to Mean Girls

I saw this post on Facebook yesterday.

I watched it and didn’t respond. I was taken aback that it was obviously a set up, an experiment. Do children actually act like that? I really don’t know. I don’t interact with a lot of schooled kids.

But this morning I was still thinking about the video and how the adults reacted to the mean girls. They bullied them back. Not one of the portrayals showed the adults pulling in all the girls and loving them, or treating them all kindly. They pulled the younger girl aside and showed her extra kindness in front of the mean girls. Or chastised the mean girls for their behavior. What if we did something else?

Children react to their environment. They are only reflecting the attitudes they receive daily. We need to look at ourselves. Is “bullying” on the rise in schools? Why? I don’t think children are any different, but the environment has changed. What has changed? We need to research that. And in the mean time, maybe be a little kinder and understanding to the kids that lash out at others as well as the meek that get the brunt end of other children’s pain.

I would really have liked to see the adults redirect the mean girls attention. I would like to have seen the adult speak to the girls as if they were all equals. I would have loved to see them all talking as peers about a book, movie, or other interest. I’d like to see more people include everyone in their love whether they deserve it at the moment or not.


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