Following Your Dreams

I was listening to Isaac Morehouse podcast yesterday, called “Words with TK Coleman”. I love his podcast anyway, but when I see those two names together, I know something awesome is about to happen. And I was NOT disappointed. I’ll share my two favorite thoughts with you.

“Fear is something that destroys you from a distance, but empowers you from up close.”

No need to elaborate, right?!

“The goal of following your dreams is not ‘success’.” That’s paraphrased.

That one was an eye opener for me. I’ve had ideas I wanted to pursue, dreams of doing big things, but what holds me back is my track record for failure. I shouldn’t let that happen. It doesn’t matter if the plan never pans out. It doesn’t matter if I lose a few bucks. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t grow to be something that could financially support us. It’s the act of doing something that counts.

I learn something from every dream I follow. I grow. And my children grow and learn from watching me find my passions and act on them.

Now, if can only find the courage to act on those dreams!


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