Minimum Age

It makes you think. Doesn’t it? My eldest son told me about this today. His thoughts were that people would think we should lower the drinking age, but his were that maybe we should raise the minimum age to enter the military.

We’ve talked about minimum age regulations before. Things like how old you need to be to drive, work, drink, smoke, etc. He had researched it because he’s heard people say the ages are arbitrary, and they mostly are but they do have a logical reason if you’re coming from a Statist point of view in the first place. I found it fascinating that he looked into it. It was something that was interesting and he wanted to know more about it. And that he could look at it from another point of view even if he didn’t agree with it.

When he brought this comic up, we said we should start a conversation in the world about raising the minimum age to join the military. The premise most people I’ve heard talk of is that, if you’re old enough to go kill people for your country, shouldn’t you be old enough to handle buying and consuming alcohol? But let’s turn that around. Maybe, if we’re going to have a volunteer military service at all, we should be sure that the person volunteering has enough maturity and life experience to understand and make that decision. Why not raise the age to 21 and throw in at least two years of college before you are allowed to join? Can anyone tell me a reason why that would NOT be a good idea?


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