That word keeps coming up! I’ve started a daily meditation called “21 Days of Calm” with the Calm App. I did the free “7 Days of Calm” one and really loved it, so I bought the yearly subscription.

I’m writing about it now because the word “practice” keeps coming up and not just in that app. I’m not talking about the practice you think of when you took piano lessons and your Mom made you practice it every day after school. I’m talking about the other one, the one doctors have and the one that you do every day for loads of things. Here’s my favorite definition and one that I think is very useful.

actual performance or application <ready to carry out in practice what they advocated in principle>

When you practice something, you are actually doing it; not thinking about it or reading about it. It’s what we DO. I may believe that remaining thoughtful of other people’s feelings is a good thing to do, but in practice I may tend to be a little heartless.

We all have many practices that we wish we did not and my goal recently has been to become more aware of my negative practices and exchange them for more positive ones. It will require the other kind of practice too, the “systematic exercise to become better at something”. I’m taking one item at a time and letting go of the rest. Right now, it’s just making a habit of morning meditation and journaling daily. I keep a list of things I think about throughout the day as well, and try expand on them here when I have a few moments at the end of the day.

It has been hectic lately with holiday preparation, but my mind is more peaceful and open. I think the practice is working!


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