Saturday or Sunday

I’ve heard people argue about whether or not Christians should celebrate the Sabbath, or whether Saturday or Sunday is the day we should worship. It came to mind again the other day on my drive back from my Mother’s house with my sons. We saw a sign about it on the side of the road. I have my own opinion, of course, and I thought I’d share it here.

The Sabbath is not “celebrated”. It’s a day of remembrance. The Israelite people were told by God to keep it holy, to not work, to rest as God Himself did on the seventh day. We can do that too, if we like, but we aren’t commanded to as Christians, in my opinion. Christians celebrate and worship on Sunday because it is the day that God’s gift to the world was fulfilled. Jesus had risen from the dead. He had beaten death, paid the price, and came back to the physical world to tell us to follow Him. It’s a whole other ballgame than the Sabbath. We can do both if we like but one isn’t more important than the other to Christians. We can rest on Saturday to honor God because it was good enough for Him, it should be good enough for us. And we can celebrate the gift of His Son on Sunday.


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