About a month ago, I started daily meditation using app on my smart phone called Calm. I heard about it through the Tim Ferriss Show. It has been an amazing blessing! I don’t know why I didn’t try meditation years ago. I feel so much more relaxed. I guess I thought it was just hocus pocus, mind of of matter crap and I’ve never been very good at believing that kind of stuff. But, just listening each day for ten minutes has actually had very good effects throughout my day. Yesterday was a perfect example. While dealing with a family crisis, I was able to take that deep breath, feel the emotion, and then let that breath out taking with it the feelings of panic and overwhelm. It was amazing.

Today as I meditated, something came to me. Waves. I’m not a big ocean person but I used to live near it and always heard about undertow and the current taking you out where you don’t want to be, drowning you. I have a lot of fear and worry about the future, about events that might never happen. It paralyzes me, at times, from doing things I might really benefit from. When I imagine the unknown as a swell in the ocean, or a wave moving toward the shore, I see what I should do. Don’t panic. See it. Feel it. And then let it pass over you. When you come out the other side, you’re some place new and exciting, maybe closer to the goal you are trying to reach, real growth. If you panic, fight it, or try to swim away, the wave crashes over you, pulls you into the current and sweeps you away, drowns you.

I plan on holding on to that image each time I feel the fear of the unknown or new. It’s just a wave. Let it roll by, like my breath, and see what’s on the other side.


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