Comfort Zone

We all have one and some of us find it harder to leave it than others. I was listening to the School Sucks Podcast today, lots of productivity talks this month! I had an epiphany hearing them talk about leaving your comfort zone. Something they said that really hit home was, “Don’t vilify the comfort zone!” That’s important right there. We all need that safe place where everything will go as generally expected. It’s a place to jump off from and return to, like a home base, a place to come back and process the journey. Children build one with good/loving parenting that doesn’t push the child out into the world, into scary things for the sake of teaching them to face their fears. If that home base is safe and secure, children will naturally want to explore outside of it, push those boundaries and look back to see if the comfort zone is still there, eventually leaving the nest forever. Here we are as adults, adults that most likely were pushed out of the nest too soon and for the wrong reasons, trying to create and use a comfort zone in a healthy way.


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