Big Plans

Last Fall I posed a question to my local homeschool group. I asked if there was any interest in have home education speakers come out to our area. I know some people that speak at our state homeschool conferences and I figured I could start by asking for a volunteer. I asked my group about topics that might interest them and got a lot of good feedback. It was enough to encourage me to book the speaker and create an event.
Tomorrow is that event and I have a confirmed total of 5 people coming. Five. Now, my area is notorious for not saying they are coming and then showing up, usually late, but I’m so nervous that only five people will show up. The speaker is aware and she’s ok with the tiny group. After all, you only need to sow a tiny seed to grow something great, right?
The reason I thought to do this is because I really cannot afford the big weekend long conferences that the statewide groups set up. I’ve been to a few of them and they are awesome, but I usually volunteered the whole time so that I could be there for free. My kids enjoyed it with Dad, while I helped the organization. This past year it occurred to me that the big conferences cost a lot because you have to include the hotel stay for a long weekend if you don’t live in the immediate area. And they bring lots of speakers out over the course of the weekend. Well, what if I asked those same kinds of speakers to come out to our area? Some I’m sure will volunteer because they have a book or curriculum set out and are willing to trade their time for exposure, small as that may be. And some I’d love to pay to come out here. I know we’re a bit out of the way. But I bet we could make it affordable and we might even draw people from the lower desert. In my heart, I just want to help people feel confident enough to start and keep homeschooling. I feel like a whole group of people is being neglected because they can’t afford a big conference price.
But it doesn’t look like that’s happening. I should remain positive. Rome wasn’t built in day and all that. I do have some ideas that might help it be better attended next time. But I really would like this first one to have some modicum of success, at least for my self-esteem’s sake.
Thanks for listening to my sob story today. I could really use some prayers for a peaceful heart tomorrow and that I don’t lose hope in my idea!


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