Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed, scared, and defeated. The more I read about about history and philosophy, the more comforted I feel about the current state of the world. It brings the big picture to mind and helps me see that it’s not the end of the world as we know it, just another ebb and flow of time. But then again, the more I read the more I feel that so many of us are headed in a terrible direction and begging for something that will not benefit us in the long run.

We silence voices from speaking their minds in the guise fairness and morality. We call it “hate speech” and “intolerance”. Whatever happened to free speech? What happened to putting ideas out there for the world to see and debating them? Besides, I’d much rather know that someone believes something that may hurt me and be able to avoid them than to have them hide their feelings away in the dark and associate with them.

We believe killing people to get our way is ok, as long as it is done by doctors or soldiers. I’m disgusted by people killing the unborn with abortion because they don’t want children when it’s possible to not get pregnant in the first place. I’m tired of hearing people tell me my sons should join the military to get free training in the field they want to be in. It isn’t free. They pay for it with their souls. I don’t think freedom comes at the end of a gun.

We’ve watched the world try communism and socialism and we beg to have it here. Do we think we’d just do it better? I’m terrified by what kind of a world my children may have to raise their children in.

There’s a scene in “The Abyss” where they show how an animal can breathe this goo so they can get to the bottom of the ocean. Then they give it to the people. The people know it will be ok and they should just relax and breathe normally, but they can’t. They struggle and gasp. It’s just so unnatural. That’s how I feel right now.


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