Facebook Reality

Facebook is the ultimate reality TV program with those you may know in some way as the “actors”. Think about it! As an actor in this program, I post about what I believe is my image, what I want people to know about me or what I think is important. I edit my own channel to fit that vision. Just like a reality TV program, I don’t post everything that I experience, only what I want the viewers to see.

As a consumer of this program, I am at liberty to watch which channels I find most interesting. All of these people are real people out there in the world, but I have to remember (just like when I’m watching reality TV) that their channels may or may not reflect who they really are, only what they want you to believe about them. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just like when I go to the grocery store and I wash my face and put on a clean shirt. I don’t cuss or fart out loud while I’m there because I’d like people to think I’m a little more civilized than that. I edit myself to fit my surroundings or make those around me feel more comfortable. Some people don’t. They’d rather you knew the real person. But is that the real person? Maybe the real person is happier to fit in and show kindness, than to speak out about their real feelings. It’s one of those philosophical questions that makes people crazy.

There are some channels that I don’t watch because they are too negative or sad for my tastes. And some I constantly watch because they are inspiring or adorable. Some I come back to now and again because I’d like a good argument. Some of these could be friends and family, some are public figures and websites. All of them are real people and I would probably invite them over for a BBQ because the real person is probably different and even more interesting than what they post on Facebook.

It seems to be a lot like the Truman Show, except that we know we are not in reality when we are there, or do we?


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