A Thought from my Current History Book

From “Caesar and Christ” by Will Durant

Chapter 11 – Augustan Statesmanship

“Morals, which had been loosened by riches and luxury, had not been improved by destitution and chaos, for few conditions are more demoralizing than poverty that comes after wealth. Rome was full of men who had lost their economic footing and then their moral stability: soldiers who had tasted adventure and had learned to kill; citizens who had seen their savings consumed in taxes and the inflation of war and waited vacuously for some returning tide to lift them back to affluence; women dizzy with freedom, multiplying divorces, abortions, and adulteries. Childlessness was spreading as the ideal of a declining vitality; and a shallow sophistication prided itself upon its pessimism and cynicism.”

“They were no longer enamored with freedom, but wearily wished for security and order; any man might rule them who guaranteed them games and bread.”

I really think more people need to read and study history. Maybe if we did, we might be able to avoid a disastrous future. Or maybe it isn’t disastrous, just an inevitable change and cycle. I hear that things are different now; that the technology and communication of our time will give us a more favorable outcome to our political and governmental problems, but I just don’t see it that way. Too many societies have come and gone in the same way. Are we so much better than they were?


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