Once again listening to the School Sucks Podcast, I was very much inspired as I did the dishes…again…yesterday morning. I really love listening to him for this one reason, he inspires me and not because he knows so much and is so very much smarter than me. It’s because he is learning, following rabbit trails, and bringing his listeners along for the ride. It’s the same concept I’ve used raising my sons. And I really think it’s the only real way to educate.

I’m educating myself each day with every choice I make. I’m following what interests me. I’m trying to make myself a better person by learning new things, finding ways to do the things I want to do, sometimes have to do, better. I used to only share my enthusiasm with my husband, and sometimes my sons. Then I started sharing more with them. And now I share it with the world here. I may not have tons of followers hanging on my every word, but that’s not the reason I’m here. I’m here to try and put my thoughts together into words someone else may read and understand. I’m not here to show anyone the way, I’m here to show where I’m going. Where am I going? I really don’t know. I’m just following the trail. As I go, I find clues and information that opens up more of the path and the scenery around me. I’m enjoying the view as I go so that the destination isn’t the point at all, the journey is the focus.

The coolest thing he said yesterday that really caught my heart was an analogy about planting seeds. That’s what we’re doing. Each day I wake up and (hopefully) plant one more seed. I’m not sure what the seed is. It could grow into sustenance, beauty, or shelter. It could be food for energy and continuance. It could be a flower that brings joy to my heart, or someone else’s. It could be a large tree far into the future that shelters myself and my children’s children. I just don’t know. I just keep planting the seeds, reading another book, watching another video, writing another note or blog post, or passing along what I’ve found to a friend. It’s a peaceful journey that will last a lifetime.


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