Racing Thoughts

How can you possibly be uncomfortable with your own wants and needs? That’s what I’m thinking when we camp at the track and choose a spot out of the way of other racers. Sure, I like people. People I know. If there was someone there we knew, I’d happily park next to them and be happy if they parked next to me. But generally that isn’t the case. We get there early and park off to one side, most likely away from the campers that are already there if we can. As the day rolls on, other trucks and RV’s usually park next to us. The trucks, riders that are just there for the day, leave for the night and we’re left alone. We relax, read, make dinner, play guitars, and several rounds of Pinochle and Poker. The boys tend to get to bed very early because they are exhausted from the early rise and the full day of practice. They’re preparing for another early wake up call and long day of competition.

But sometimes I look out my window or across the parking lot and wonder what it would be like to be part of the crowd that camps together, builds big bonfires, and watches movies on the side of their toy hauler. It reminds me of the high school quad. What are those cool kids doing? And why don’t we join in? Or more to the point, why don’t they park around us and invite us? Then I shake my head and remember, we don’t want to! We’re perfectly happy right where we are. We don’t want to stay up late “partying”. We’d rather relax in the company of the people we like best.

The boys are making friends each time they ride. I’m sure when they are adults and can drive themselves to the track, they will probably circle the wagons with their buddies and it will evolve over the years into what those people have, or not. That’s up to them. Right now we’re all comfortable right where we are. We’re focused on the racing right now, not so much on the socializing, and that’s ok. We’ve got a lot of work to do!


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