Doctor Zhivago, Walking Dead, & Hobbes

I’m STILL going through my notes on Doctor Zhivago and came across this one yesterday which I had written “WD” (Walking Dead) next to. Yes, a classic book brings me around to a popular television show. We’ve been watching the show for years after we got sucked into the first season and binge watched it until we had caught up to the current one. Recently though, I’ve begun to lose interest in the show. I’m frustrated with Rick and his decent into acceptance of violence. I’m tired of the “We’re the good guys, so it’s OK that we do this!” attitude. I think I’ve found why in Doctor Zhivago, but more pointedly, through Hobbes.

“This time justified the old saying: Man is a wolf to man. A wayfarer turned aside at the sight of another wayfarer; a man would kill the man he met, so as not to be killed himself. There were isolated cases of cannibalism. The human laws of civilization ended. Those of beasts were in force. Man dreamed the prehistoric dreams of the caveman.”

This is exactly what is happening on Walking Dead! It troubles me because it seems there is no end to the violence. The world has crumbled and instead of creating something better. It’s come around and begun the cycle of violence again. Maybe that is the plight of mankind. Maybe there is no general peace in this world, only the hope of the next. I don’t want that vision of the future. It depresses me.

This was the premise of “Leviathan”. And I don’t like it! It’s probably why I’ve lost interest in the show. I’ve lost hope for their future. It brings hope to some people though. They seem to think, like the Russian peasants, if they just get through this violent, painful part, civilization will return and then they can make it more peaceful. But they don’t see starting with violence ends in violence. Only a few people in the show see that they cannot start down this path and get to the place they want to be. And there lies the conflict…and I’m interested in finding out what happens again!


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