Journals & Change

I have three books that I write things down in. The first one is my calendar. It’s one of those student planners, so it starts in July and ends in June. I wish it didn’t because I’d like to keep calendars filed by year, but I could only find student ones at Walmart that had plenty of room for notes and scheduling. There is a ton of stuff in that planner! I write everything down because I tend to forget if I don’t. I have stuff I want to do daily and weekly already written in. I have stuff I’ve planned in advance, like races, meetings, and lunch dates. And then there is stuff like what the boys are doing, the weather, what time I got up, what we had for dinner. I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to recording things. Who knows?! Maybe my planner will end up being the only link to our time because all the digital data was lost in a big EMP. You never know.

I also have a “work” journal. It’s where I put all my plans for my homeschool group, blog posts, and lists of information. I write ideas down there and go back to them when I need inspiration. It has contact info for people in my classe and notes about what I’m going to do for my part of the day. I always take this one with me when I go to meetings or field trips and take notes there.

My favorite one is my personal journal. Writing this post was inspired by that journal. Every morning I write my thoughts there. It’s also open most of the day so that when I’m listening to something or reading something online and think of an interesting point I can write it there and come back to expand on it later. It’s a pretty messy journal when I have lots of stuff rolling through my brain. Sometimes I even draw pictures of things I’d like to build or have around the house. And I try to write something at the end of the day as well. For awhile I was trying the “5-minute journal” idea but fell away recently. I should start that again. It really helps my mood to see that list of things I’m thankful for!

My goal here with this blog is to write every day and I was coming up with a blank as to what to write about so I flipped through my journal to see if anything caught my eye. It did and I found this.

“More often than not world change has come from outside of politics/government/establishment.”

That’s all I wrote. I must have been listening to a podcast that was talking about that very thing, so I wrote it down to ponder later. It seems to be true when I look through history. We don’t make laws about some big change that will make things better and then everyone follows them. When we do it causes a lot of problems. If most of the people don’t agree with the new law it won’t get followed. People will work around it. The best way to achieve change is to start with yourself, your family, and your community. It takes more time but it’s far more peaceful and long lasting. Eventually, more communities will follow suit and then counties, states, and nations. With the internet and social media, it’s easier than it ever has been!


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