An Unpopular Question

Here’s my thought of the morning. Don’t we all “pay the price of freedom” by voting, living our lives here, paying the imposed taxes, creating wealth through our ingenuity and entrepreneurship, and raising our families? Every day I see posts on Facebook, TV commercials, and special events dedicated to “those that paid the price”. It’s military worship, as if citizens that serve in the military are somehow better than citizens that do not. I don’t begrudge those that do serve. I’m sure it was the right choice for them to make and it hopefully it served them well. But I do not think you deserve more respect than any other American citizen. I’m sorry if that hurts some people’s feelings, but why should it? Why should a Marine’s “service” to America be worth more than a police officer’s, a fire fighter’s, a grocery store owner’s, or a banker’s? I know it’s an unpopular opinion and my point of view can bring a shit storm of hate in our current political climate, but I just don’t understand it.


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