A Word From Dio

From Durant’s “Caesar and Christ”,

We cannot know what God is, but we have an innate conviction that he exists, and we feel that philosophy without religion is a dark and hopeless thing. The only real freedom is wisdom – i.e. the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong; the road to freedom lies not through politics or revolution, but through philosophy; and true philosophy consists not in the speculations of books, but in the faithful practice of honor and virtue according to the dictates of that inmost voice which is, in some mystic sense, the word of God in the heart of man.” Dio (AD 40-120)

When people who do not believe that any god exists say that humans can have a moral code without a god to guide them to it, are they actually feeling God within themselves? Is that sense of honor and morality toward others, the sense of actual right and wrong regardless of religious creed or upbringing, “God in the heart of man”?


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