Political Opinion

Everyone talks about letting people have their own political opinions without losing a friendship over it. I would agree. We shouldn’t let political opinions get in the way of friendship. We should be caring enough to look into and accept other people’s point of view. But when your political opinion is to vote to take away my freedom, I draw the line. If the government were not talking about taking something away from me and giving it to you, I could listen to your argument. If we were not talking about one group of people limiting and controlling other people’s lives by force, I could hear your reasoning. But we are. That is why political discussions are so heated, divided, and filled with anger. We all need to remember that every time a politician says they will give you something or do something for you, they will be saying to someone else that they will be taking something from them by the force of law. Politicians and governments do not create anything to give to anyone. All they have is taken from someone else. Just because the majority of citizens voted to take it, doesn’t make it right.


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