Notes on “The 15 Success Traits of Pro Bloggers” by Jonathan Milligan – Part 1

I’m sorry all my posts are about the books I’ve been reading! I swear it will let up soon. I got a bit behind lately so I’m catching up and then I’ll feel better about sitting and writing out thoughts other than notes on books. Bear with me!

This is another book I wanted to read because I heard the author interviewed on a podcast. I can’t remember which one, but I heard it and put this book on my Amazon wish list right away. I’ve taken to making a note on the list where I got the idea to read the book since sometimes it is months before I get to order the book. Listening to the author, I got the idea that I might possibly become a “Pro-Blogger” myself. I was very inspired by is interview and I love reading his blog as well. The book proved to be just as inspiring but didn’t have a lot of “how-to” information. No worries, though! You can always find that kind of information online when you need it. It’s the inspiration to get started that I’m always looking for, and then the inspiration to keep going.

Page 19 “Myth #1 ‘I’m just going to follow the money and I’ll be rich.’”

I wasn’t passionate about the topics and I wasn’t teaching or serving anyone with any value.” Many people write on topics assigned to them for money. It doesn’t go far in the long run because your heart isn’t in the topics. You’re not creating value for anyone by rehashing other people’s ideas.

Page 20 “…stop seeing others as competition. See them instead as people who share the same passion as you.” Fear of the competition can cripple you. That crappy idea in the back of your mind that everyone else is better at everything than you are. I do have something special to offer people!

Page 29 “…pre-profit state; i.e., a length of time (usually longer than we want) during which we consistently share our message without much attention of income.” That’s me!

You are better off with a ‘worldview’ than a ‘niche’…A worldview allows you to share your opinion, vision, and unique perspective, which will cause others to either passionately connect or politely disagree.

Here’s a note I wrote in the margin. My blog is called “Roadrunner Musings.” Why did I name it that? First of all, I love watching roadrunners in my “yard”. The run from one area to the next, keeping an eye out for movement. The look like they are just randomly running, but their goal is food, some tasty something to give away it’s position by movement. It’s a lot like my writing and my thinking process. I’d like to write a post to expand on that idea.

Page 39 “When you get to the end of your life, you will treasure the moments when you decided to push past fear and try something new.” A million people have said that and it’s so true.

Page 42 “People want to hear from you and not a textbook.” Personal stories and thoughts on things speak to people. It touches on wisdom.

I believe the best bloggers are ‘learners’ at heart and not ‘writers’.” You can see why this book really got to me. The bloggers I follow most closely are learners sharing their new found ideas just like me!

Every day before they go off to school I tell them, ‘Make it a great day for someone.’” How powerful is that? I’ve been trying to do with my own family for years. How can I make it a great day for my husband or my children? And I’ve had that mantra with my homeschool groups as well. I think I’ll extend that further out. How can I make it a great day for someone that reads either of my blogs? Or on Facebook?

I wanted to share everything I knew about the job search so that others could stumble upon it and be helped during the Great Recession.” That’s exactly how I feel about my blog, especially my homeschool website. I feel like I’m putting a message in a bottle and setting it out to sea. And it’s so easy for anyone to do these days!

Page 48 On having patience, “You must value the journey more than the destination. You have to find fulfillment in the gap.” You see what I mean? There’s nothing novel in a statement like this. It’s just important because it is being said in the context of blogging and I found it at a moment that was very important to me personally. It found me where I am!

Page 56 “Perfectionism is really just resistance if…’What you are trying to do is more about you than who you are trying to help.’ …Make your focus the message and about helping other people.” My fear of talking to groups of people disappears when I’m focused on helping someone understand something that I feel I see so clearly. I worry that I’m not getting across, that I’m confusing them, that I’m not staying on target when I’m speaking, but ultimately I continue to talk because the passion in me is bubbling over. People do see that and they want that passion for themselves.

There are loads of great “product” building ideas in this book, but I won’t detail them. You need to read this book yourself for that. There are ones that I wrote down and “potential to-do’s” and I’m looking into creating some of them in the future.

Page 87 “Today the playing field is level. In days gone by, you had to either secure a television deal or “pay to play” for some air time through television commercials. We live in a different world.” I’ve been saying that for years! It’s so stinkin’ easy to get your voice out there.

He even talks about the negative voices in my head. This is a big problem for me. At times, ok most of the time, I feel so fragile. Any negative feedback or lack of feedback can stop me from putting my thoughts into words and putting it out there. I can get very excited and filled with ideas and then stop dead in my tracks from fear of looking like I think I know what I’m doing. And I honestly think that’s a symptom of my public education, something I’m determined to stop from happening to as many people as I can in my lifetime.

Page 126 “Circle of Wisdom” “small group of like-minded people that you rub shoulders with regularly” We don’t all need to be bloggers or homeschoolers. I’ve heard Tim Ferriss talk about this before, I think, one of those guys. A group of people that get together once a month or so to talk about progress and ideas, inspiration. Sounds wonderful.


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