What happend to “Tea Time”?

You know what it is? I really don’t like to write. I’d rather talk, and listen. I rather be in the presence of other people that like to talk and listen than to sit alone and write out my thoughts and what I’ve learned from a book or situation. The problem is there don’t seem to be a lot of people around that want to do the same thing. We’re all too busy to stop for lunch or coffee with a friend or acquaintance. I read these novels with women that visit over coffee or tea on a regular basis. It seems they are waiting to have someone over and anyone can drop by at any time. Why don’t we drop into other people’s homes anymore? I guess we have phones so we can call and when we do we always have an excuse about how we’re just too busy with XYZ to meet up and chat a while.

Maybe we should stop being so busy. Maybe it’s more important for our souls to stop at least once a week for lunch or tea with a friend, or several friends, to sit in the presence of other humans that we aren’t responsible for to talk and listen.


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