Kids These Days!

The other day we were stopped in an intersection when the lights turned green because a group of four teens were crossing the street against the red. They leisurely walked and waved to everyone looking pretty darn ridiculous. At first I started to get angry. These kids! What wrong with them?! Then I realized, nothing. They are doing exactly what is expected of them.

These kids have no control over anything in their lives. From what they do all day, what they learn, how they talk, who they socialize with, where they work, and how they spend their money, it is all controlled. How can any human of any age live like that? They do it by taking control by force. It looks hideous to adults and we worry for the future of the human race, like every generation before. But what would happen if we gave kids control of most things? What would happen if we became their helper, their support, and their friend instead of their master and controller? What would happen if we treated kids like humans instead of mentally incapable slaves? Would they still rebel against us in their teens, abandon us when we no longer legally control them at 18, and not invite us into their lives until they are nearly 30 and are well into their own lives? I don’t think so because I know lots of families that have raised their children with respect and equal rights, almost all of them have wonderful relationships and are beautiful people. My own teenage sons included.

Funny that it was my teenage sons that pointed out that those kids walking in the crosswalk against the red light were only reveling in the control they were experiencing over the people around them. I laughed out loud at the realization of the scene, proud to watch them take control (even if it was in a negative way), and cried for the work they have ahead of them.


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