Homeschool Issues

Let’s say this. I see a need in my neighborhood and I decide to invest some of my money and rally people together to voluntarily help provide that need. It’s going well. We tweak it here and there and end up having a fairly successful thing going. In comes a mean man with a lot of money. He says, “I’ll give you a bunch of money to keep providing your thing.” It’ll be great because with his money involved, you won’t need to charge as much for the service and more of the poorer members of the neighborhood can use it. But, you know that guy and he’s a pretty mean dude. He may ask you to do something with your thing you’re not happy about and then threaten to take his money elsewhere if you don’t let him. So you decide to decline the money and be independent of this guy and his requests. How is that any different when the government is the one with the money?

My son says this is too cryptic. I’m talking about government-funded charter schools that offer money to vendors to supply services that private homeschoolers have been able to provide for themselves until now.


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