Fixing Things

When I was working on Fantasmic, a situation came up. I saw something that I believed needed to be maintained. The moving joints on the Pinocchio puppet were stiff and difficult to move. Being on the morning maintenance crew, I took it upon myself to clean it up and oil it. I found a few parts (to me) illogically placed, so I moved them trying to be pro-active and help. The next day I came in to read the previous night’s show report and it said the puppet eyes did not blink. There was a wide-eyed Pinocchio that night and it needed to be repaired. Unknowingly, I had “fixed” it in my eyes but when it was used in production it failed its purpose. The user of the puppet had reasons for “illogically” placing things that my maintenance or design eyes couldn’t see.

This same situation comes up in life every day, especially when we try to create laws and policies for others to abide by. Thinking we are making the world a better place, we are forgetting to take into account other people’s point of view and experience. We are trying to be a designer and maintainer of other people’s lives without considering that the user of that life may have a logical reason for doing what they are doing the way they are doing it.

When we, as liberal minds, want to change things that we believe conservative minds are clinging to for no other reason that it’s “the way we’ve always done it”, we are forgetting that everyone on this earth has their own life to live, their own reasons for being here. Everyone is responsible for their own lives. I am not in charge of how you live your life, or how rich people spend their money, or how poor people spend their time. I am only in charge of my life. I can help others if I want to, but I cannot force others to help them. I can offer my insight or service, but I cannot force others to live by my rules.

We all need to stop and respect the individual and stop trying to control other people’s lives through the force of law.


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