Social Skills

Have you ever met a socially awkward person, young or old? Have you ever wondered if they were that way because of the school environment they were raised in? There’s a 99% chance they were raised in a school. So why is it that when people meet an awkward child or teen, and know they are homeschooled because they have already been talking with the parent or the child has mentioned it, do they ask themselves or the parent of that person is acting that way because they were homeschooled? It just seems odd to me.

Personally, I believe all people are some combination of socially introverted or extroverted. School forces everyone to socialize to the same degree, and the group punishes those who are naturally over extroverted or introverted than that chosen norm. Home educated people are more generally accepted for who they are. I say “generally” because most homeschooling parents today were schooled themselves and have a skewed idea of the range of personality. They bring the school mentality into their homes and harass their children into being the school accepted norm of sociability. But some parents are going against their training, remembering their childhood and how much they wish the personality and person they were born as was respected and nurtured. This kind of home education, respecting the growing personality of the child to grow and mature into who they really are naturally, produces a broad range of sociable humans. These humans are more likely to grow up to be completely comfortable with who they are. They do not pretend to be more or less outgoing than they feel. They stay home when they want to, go to the movies or museum alone if they want to, and seek out only the company they care to keep, not the company they think others (their superiors) think they should. There is also the opposite, those that seek out all the company and social experience they want without worrying about what other people are doing. They are mentally healthier and happier people.

If I had my druthers, I’d be able to put it into people’s heads that there are all kinds of people in this world, the old adage “It takes all kinds.” and not in a negative way. School is not where you learn who you are and how to become the best person you are born to be. It’s where another group of people train you to think and act in the way that will best benefit another group of people. Step outside of it and become the real you, then take your children and let them become real as well. “There is no spoon.”


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