Find Your Road

20170802_080822Sometimes when I finish one of the “Great Books” and look to the reading list for the next one, I am sorely disappointed and do not look forward to reading it. “Elementals of Chemistry” by Lavoisier was one of those books! Chemistry?! Oh, this will be a fun and exciting read! I was happily surprised at its content, though!

French. 1780’s. Science. I can’t imagine a worse subject for me. I looked up the Wikipedia article on him and found out he’d been beheaded during the “Reign of Terror”. Interesting. Then I began to read. It wasn’t difficult and I enjoyed the subject. I even learned a few things about acids and air. Why can’t all science text books read like this?

And here was my favorite line in the reading (the assignment was only the first fifty-two pages), “…in chemistry as in moral philosophy, it is extremely difficult to overcome prejudices imbibed in early education and to search for truth in any other road than the one we have been accustomed to follow.” Ain’t that the truth?! If only we could see that we all tend to do this, we’d have an easier time finding a new road to travel, wouldn’t we?

Since everything I read tends to remind me of God or Home Education, I’ll go down that road with this text as well. This time I will choose Home Education. Looking back, I believe I’ve given my children the best chance at being open to any road ahead of them because we did not attend any formal school in what I consider their childhood. They were educated in that we helped them learn to read, write, and cipher when they wanted to. We introduced them to the world around them but they were not “schooled” so that they followed a particular road. Now that they are in their teens they are looking out into the world and finding the best road for their needs. My hope is that they will be just as comfortable changing roads once they are out there, and will see that the road they are currently on doesn’t lead to the destination they now have.

It’s like this. I feel that so many people I talk to are stuck on the same road they were set on in their early years because they cannot see another way no matter how hard the look at the map. They see others heading to better destinations or happier in their travels, but instead of changing the road, they change their vehicle or how they drive it. They try the shoulder of the same road, get a bigger or nicer car, or try walking instead but they cannot see they could just change roads altogether.

It makes me sad sometimes, especially when I see someone so unhappy on the road they are traveling. All I want to do is pick them up and put them on my road or any other road, just so they can see there are others. I know it wouldn’t help them. Everyone needs to come to the realization that there are so many choices out there on their own and that we should be constantly changing to meet our current needs, not blindly pursuing the goals put on us by someone else. And many people never will.


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