For the Love of a Story

I wrote a bit about this book when I started it and had to write just a couple paragraphs more because it was such an amazing story. It was one of those that takes you into it, the ones I love most. I sat for an hour and a half to finish the last few chapters.

This is one of those wonderful books you can read to your kids at bedtime, a little each night. Bedtime reading at our house was always my favorite time of the day. They each picked one of their books and I read from the book of my choice as well, usually a classic children’s book. Bedtime reading lasted over an hour! The language is different in these books, more complicated, and so is the story. There were always lots of questions about what words mean or what he meant by this or that, but we got through them and they still bring up books we read together now that they are teens. I hope they read those books to their kids! I still have them.

I didn’t know about this book back then but I wish I did! It’s a fairy tale book and so fantastic that I found myself wanting to open up one of my desk drawers and follow a magical creature to their world.

I won’t go back through all the awesome things I found in this short book, but I will quote one piece because it really says something real about reading, even fantasy.

“My mind soon grew calm; and I began the duties of my new position, somewhat instructed, I hoped, by the adventures that had befallen me in Fairy Land. Could I translate the experience of my travels there, into common life? This was the question.”

That’s what we get from books, experience from another time and place. We live a million different lives and learn those lessons we never could have experienced in our own time and place. Children learn so much from scary fairy tales, too! Not just about magic and slaying dragons, but about courage, bravery, and true love. Books are wonderful, whether you read them online, your tablet, borrowed from the library, off your own shelf, or listened to through earbuds.

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