A Quorum

In the wake of our recent “election” I had a thought. What if we had to have a quorum or eligible voters to make any decisions? On a Board of Directors, you generally must have a quorum to decide anything. If there are twelve members and only six members show up, those six can’t just make decisions and force the rest to go along. They would have to assume that the other half isn’t interested in the project and act accordingly, decisions would need to be made. Do we scrap the project? Do we change it somehow to get the attention of the whole group? Do we find new members and get rid of the old? We can’t just continue on as usual. What if our country voted that way? What if, when only 25% of the population showed up at the polling place, our government was compelled to drop the project all together or change the options and try again? It sounds interesting.

I didn’t vote this time. I looked at the candidates and none of them had my confidence, none seemed to represent my principles, not even close. It seemed I would be only choosing the lesser of two evils and that just doesn’t seem right. I mean, if you had the choice between Hitler and Satan as a leader you’d think, “Well, Satan condemns and tortures us all, but Hitler is only after the Jews and I’m not a Jew so that’s the lesser of two evils.” I’d rather abstain from voting all together. I won’t choose who is oppressed and who isn’t since there is no choice in our system not to oppress.

And as to the measures and such, the wording is so confusing that I can’t make a wise decision. How do I know what my yes or no vote means? I can’t just vote no on everything to make no changes. It doesn’t always work that way. All the measures were only a choice between who gets what from the government and who gets things taken away, so what’s the point there? There were no measures that said, “Leave everyone with what they have and allow them to make their own decisions.”

What if everyone stopped voting all together? Would the government just continue on doing whatever it likes? It seems they do that anyway regardless of how we vote.