What does it mean to be “pro-life”? Does it mean you have to be a Republican, Christian, Conservative? Can you be a Democrat, a Libertarian, an atheist, or a liberal and still be “pro-life”? When we come from one perspective it takes a little effort to see over the top to another side of the same issue, especially in today’s political climate. We tend to assume everyone that isn’t like us is probably not on our side. A quick search of the internet with the words “pro-life” and “science”, “democrat”, “atheist”, or “feminist” can open a whole new world. It did for me! I even found pro-life “LGBT” groups out there. Apparently, we as Christians are not alone in the idea that abortion is not the answer to an unplanned pregnancy.

Advanced science has shown us what goes on inside the uterus earlier and earlier, which leads us away from that old “it’s just a clump of cells” argument. You can read more about that at The Atlantic’s article “Science is Giving the Pro-Life Movement a Boost”.

Some Libertarians argue that a fetus is life in the womb and has the same right to that life as the mother that carries him or her. Some Feminists believe abortion was invented by men to control them and “take care of their mistakes” when they get women pregnant. Some Democrats write about the poor and minority babies being aborted instead of supported. And even homosexual people believe abortion can be used to get rid of them as well.

My point is that some of us come to this “pro-life” idea, this thing inside us that says that ending a life because it is not convenient or wanted is wrong, from very different places sometimes but we’re all after the same thing. We all want to end “abortion on demand.” We all want to support families. We all want to love and protect babies of all ages. In my opinion, it’s one of the reasons the laws regarding abortion are beginning to change again.

We hear “a house divided cannot stand” fairly often. In this instance the “house” we support is the pro-life one. Each door, window, wall, and room in that house is a different demographic. As Christians, can we show Christ’s love and stand with those others in protecting human life? I believe the first step is to know they are there and what they are adding to conversation. I find it a difficult task at times, listening to another person’s point of view. Sometimes it’s so different than mine that I feel myself saying “But that’s not the point!” in my mind. It has been eye-opening and very much worth my time to do the research though. I’ve begun to see people in a different light. I’ve started to realize we are not alone in this battle for life. And it all starts with the love of Jesus.