It figures. I set aside a week to get things done at home and that’s the week I get sick. It’s a conspiracy!

We are the experts in last minute plans and this past weekend was no exception! My son remembered on Friday that he wanted to go to the Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s and, of course, this is the last weekend of it! We asked if anyone else wanted to go but my husband wasn’t interested in spending $100 to eat berry themed food and my other son said he’d rather not brave the crowds. So he bought tickets for the two of us and we headed into the city on Saturday morning.

It was a great day. It’s been a long time since he and I spent the whole day doing something together. He said it reminded him of “one at a time Disneyland” when he was little. When we lived across the street from Disneyland, we used to go all the time, but it was super special when I would take just one of them. They got to be the boss of the day and not have to share anything!

One thing…I have never seen the park so crowded as it was that day. We knew it would be busy but this was crazy. I’ve always had a hard time dealing with Knott’s and its inefficiency at moving people. The ride lines are always long and food lines…sheesh. If there are two or three people in line for a coke, it’ll take twenty minutes. Makes me crazy. This day didn’t disappoint. It was worse than expected and guess what? We had a great time anyway. Just goes to show you, it’s your attitude that ruins it, not the crowd.

We were there for about nine hours. I think we only sat down a total of twenty minutes. We went on four rides and saw a couple shows. We got the “taster” card and got one of everything they had! All of it was good. Some of it was silly: boysenberry mashed potatoes. And some of it was amazing: boysenberry sausage and relish. We went back for seconds on that!

Here’s my favorite picture from the day:


We picked up a pie for the rest of the family and headed home satisfyingly exhausted.

In other news, I started this book yesterday.


So far so good. Because of it, I’ve added six new books to my reading list. Thanks!

What else? Oh, yes, I’m still sick. It’s just a nasty cold, but it makes me so tired and I can’t even read. I spent most of the last two days asleep on the couch or watching TV. Yesterday was good though because I got to watch the movie, “The Bookshop” which I’ve been meaning to see. It’s not a movie “of general interest” so I’d been waiting for a day I was home alone to see it. It did not disappoint!

My experiment with staying off of Facebook during the week is going great. I do share things like blog posts, articles, and podcasts, but I don’t go back to see comments or scroll through the feed until Friday afternoon for a little bit. I shared our Knott’s adventures as we went, but I didn’t go back to see comments until the next day. It is really helping me “stay in the moment.” I find myself wasting way too much time and mental energy on people that aren’t even in my close circle when I constantly check in there.

I’d like to write more about that. Facebook and I have a love/hate relationship that I’ve been seriously re-thinking lately. Maybe I’ll spend some time writing that out tomorrow. Today? I’m off for a snack and to get the laundry!

The Little Things

I joined BookCrossing a few months ago and eagerly bought book plates to put in a few of my favorite books and send out into the world…but I lagged in actually doing it. The truth of the matter is that I love my books and don’t really want to part with them. The books I end up sending out are ones that I loved because they are simple and I know I won’t read them again or books that are probably great but I wasn’t a big fan of.

There are some great novels I’ve read lately and non-fiction awesomeness, but I’ll have to buy a new copy to send out because mine have notes in them and…well…I love them and they are mine!

I finally released my first book into the wild earlier this week while I was on a short hiking day with a friend. I left it at the trail head in a cute plastic bag with “Not a lost book!” written on it. I got them from the website!

The next day I found THIS in my in box!


How exciting is that? I know, maybe I’m weird, but the idea that I left something somewhere and someone else picked it up and was tickled by it, just makes me so stinking happy, especially since they took the time to go online and log it!

So, AnonymousFinder, wherever you are, thank you! You made my morning. I hope you like the book and pass it on!

Now I feel inspired to send more out. I may have to run to the thrift store today and get a couple books I know I’ve read and can recommend.




Not only am I considering myself “self-employed” from now on, I’m adding “writer” as my @.

That’s me. “Self-employed @ writer.”

Have I made any money at it? Nope.

Do I have a blog with thousands of followers? Nope.

Have I been published by anyone but myself? Nope.

Does it matter? Nope.

An artist is an artist, even when no one buys his art.

I’m a writer because I write.

I’m also keeping office hours. Everyone has to go to work somewhere. And the best way to get work done is to schedule time to sit and do that work.

I’ve messed around with my schedule before and it seems my best thinking work gets done in the morning, before noon. I seem to be able to will myself to clean the bathroom or run the vacuum even when I’m tired, but I just cannot do any real creating if I’m physically tired.

My office hours at this time are between 8 am and 10am, sometimes longer if I’m on a roll. I’m not allowed to do anything else during these hours because I’m “at work.” And just like when I worked for someone else, I may not always be productive, but I am at work so I can’t be playing on Facebook or watering the yard at that time of the day.

Let’s see how this goes!


Oh, wait…I was going to sign off and then remembered another change in the planning of my week. Pictured above is my April. Notice how many boxes are filled in!

Next week is a “5th week” in the month, a week that is half one month and half another. From now on I’m declaring that week a “Mom-cation!” I will not be planning anything during those weeks; no lunch dates with friends, no hiking meet-ups, nothing. I can help those that live within this house if they need it but I’m not making any plans. I’ll be home…all week…hopefully getting more done, whatever that turns out to be: writing, reading, housework, projects. I already have the next one blocked off on the calendar in July!

Finished and Started

Finished these two! The Paris one yesterday and the Brothers today. More about them in another post.

Started reading this this morning. I’m rushing through it though. The images are so painful. I want to glean what I can from quick reading, like pulling off a bandaid.


Finished off THESE after a long walk with an old friend. I’m fairly certain most of the world’s problems, especially the interpersonal kind, would be solved if we just spent more time walking and talking things out. Walking gives us the chance to listen better, we have more time to hear, think, and respond. It doen’t have to be any place special. It’s the walking that facilitates the communication. Long drives do it too!


And these darlings have bloomed this week! With all the dying grass and weeds that have come up this year, it’s hard to see all the cactus underneath, but those bright blooms do catch your attention!

Weekend Update!

Jack-in-the-Box tacos, curly fries, and a home brewed beer.

I firmly believe all weekends should start with this kind of a dinner! I had plans to make dinner but…I bet you know how that goes. I’m the queen of meal plans around this house but by the weekend I’m just tired of the whole thing. The boy who would object to this dinner (because it’s not good for you) was out for the evening, so we splurged.

We watched “IO” on Netflix while we ate. Not a bad movie. I thought it would a little too doom and gloom, oh humans are worst, blah blah blah, but it wasn’t. And it had a surprise ending, at least to me. It also wasn’t filled with “thrilling chase scenes” so I’d give it 1 and half thumbs up.

Gaurd Dog…and Cat!

These two crack me up. They sit on the back of the couch like this all the time watching the driveway. The cat must have seen something because he was watching alertly and growling, which made the dog sit up and search the yard as well. They watched like this for about five minutes and then relaxed and went to sleep.

My son and his girlfriend accompanied me on the long drive to my Aunt’s house in Arizona for Easter. I love driving, but this time I was so tired on my way back that I’m considering spending the night next time. Ten hours of driving in one day is just too much.

It was worth it though. We had a good time even though Dad and my other son couldn’t go. I only took three pictures! I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have any cute babies hunting eggs. And I drove the whole way so I didn’t get to take pictures of the rocks and mountains! I think I should try harder to take at least a few pictures when we at family events. It would be nice to see more of the adults in our family in the scrapbooks!

My son cleaning the windshield for me because he’s taller and doesn’t have to lean on the truck to do it. I have a pretty new shirt!!
We found this strange new Coke flavor and I LOVE it. Just don’t think Coke when you drink it. Think carbonated Snapple.
Why do they have to cage in these rocks? Do they wander away? Are they “traveling rocks”?

And then…this morning…I found cool new flowers blooming on my short “mind waking” trot around the property. I do that between hours of writing and reading. It helps me focus and think of new ideas.

Change of Story


This blog has evolved a few times over the years and today it will be evolving again!

It’s Spring in the desert and I’ve decided to try something new, or really to go back and try something again.

When my children were little, BF (before facebook), I kept a daily blog. It was a journal of the day with a few pictures thrown in. I printed those and keep them similar to the scrapbooks I kept when I was in high school and college, before the interent, digital cameras, and social media.

The experiment begins. Can I write here on a daily basis, or at least several times a week, and keep a loving record of my life? Will I be happy with it? Let’s see.