Finished and Started

Finished these two! The Paris one yesterday and the Brothers today. More about them in another post.

Started reading this this morning. I’m rushing through it though. The images are so painful. I want to glean what I can from quick reading, like pulling off a bandaid.


Finished off THESE after a long walk with an old friend. I’m fairly certain most of the world’s problems, especially the interpersonal kind, would be solved if we just spent more time walking and talking things out. Walking gives us the chance to listen better, we have more time to hear, think, and respond. It doen’t have to be any place special. It’s the walking that facilitates the communication. Long drives do it too!


And these darlings have bloomed this week! With all the dying grass and weeds that have come up this year, it’s hard to see all the cactus underneath, but those bright blooms do catch your attention!


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