The Little Things

I joined BookCrossing a few months ago and eagerly bought book plates to put in a few of my favorite books and send out into the world…but I lagged in actually doing it. The truth of the matter is that I love my books and don’t really want to part with them. The books I end up sending out are ones that I loved because they are simple and I know I won’t read them again or books that are probably great but I wasn’t a big fan of.

There are some great novels I’ve read lately and non-fiction awesomeness, but I’ll have to buy a new copy to send out because mine have notes in them and…well…I love them and they are mine!

I finally released my first book into the wild earlier this week while I was on a short hiking day with a friend. I left it at the trail head in a cute plastic bag with “Not a lost book!” written on it. I got them from the website!

The next day I found THIS in my in box!


How exciting is that? I know, maybe I’m weird, but the idea that I left something somewhere and someone else picked it up and was tickled by it, just makes me so stinking happy, especially since they took the time to go online and log it!

So, AnonymousFinder, wherever you are, thank you! You made my morning. I hope you like the book and pass it on!

Now I feel inspired to send more out. I may have to run to the thrift store today and get a couple books I know I’ve read and can recommend.



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