Sexy Vampires!

I wrote a post about reading “Interview With A Vampire.”
It used to be one of my favorite books. Hope you like it!
Click HERE to check it out!


Little Things

It’s the little things that make something as big as a lifetime so awesome.


A book about the decline of civil participation from 2000, that you’d think would depress the shit out of me but doesn’t. I’ll be writing more about that later!


A tiny rose that blooms from the decorative potted rose plant that I thought was a goner.


And these reassuring words on the screen when I open up Word. I promised myself I would work on it every day and I am. Proof!

All is well. Keep on.




Yes, talent has something to do with doing something well right off the bat, but pracFB_IMG_1557493351307.jpgtice is what makes you awesome at it.

There is no mystery.

Practice at something you want to do better. Take time to learn more about it. Read about it. Find a mentor of some kind. Figure out how you learn best.

But the bottom line is…DO it. Do it every day and you’ll get better at it. It doesn’t matter what it is.

Don’t discredit hard work. Time and effort are worth more than talent alone.