You know you love them, too! I started reading in the morning with my coffee instead of watch the TV news or scrolling through Facebook. At first I found about fifteen minutes a day to read. Now I read for about an hour to an hour and half every morning, depending on what time I get up and where I need to be that day. When I finish a book, I post about it. And here is where I store all that awesome stuff! Maybe you’ll find a book you’d like to read. If so, shoot me a message about in the comments. I’d love to talk books with you!

Find Your Road – Lavoisier’s “Elementals of Chemistry”

“The Heart of a Woman”

Thoughts on J.S. Mill


Finished Locke

Milton’s “Paradise Lost”

The Measure of a Man – a spiritual autobiography by Sidney Poitier

Aquinas – Great Books

MLK, Jr. Book

Star Wars & Philosophy


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