For the Art!

A lot of very righteous people complain about the lack of morals in today’s artists, but I started thinking “What popular or famous artist of any time isn’t messed up in some major way?” I mean, Van Gogh comes to mind. Edgar Alan Poe? I’m sure even Beethoven had issues of morality.

Artists are a strange group. I grew up around a lot of artist types and spent the majority of my young adult life surrounded by them. I could never understand them personally. I loved their work, their performances, but I wondered “Why can’t you just turn that off when you’re done creating?” I guess they can’t.

They are so in touch with their “right-brained” stuff, so busy destroying the box while working outside it, so enthralled with communicating the symbolic ideas they have whirling around in their heads, that it messes with them somehow. It scrambles them?

We can be touched by their magic, know their faults, and be better people for it. It feels like a sacrifice to me. Maybe we should be grateful they are compelled to make that sacrifice for our enlightenment and entertainment. Maybe we should reach out and love them anyway, even though some of their work flies in the face of our sensibilities. Art of all kinds is what makes us better humans, right? Pay them in love and acceptance. We don’t need to emulate them but learn from what they are trying to say.