Is reading fiction pointless?

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Pointless Fiction


What To Write

I’m debating whether or not to write more about our lifestyle on my blog. Our lives are very different from most other people’s. When I talk to some people I feel like they cannot grasp what it is we do. Even closer family members reveal, in some small ways, that they really don’t “get” us. But should I post to try to bring to people our peaceful and happy way of life? I guess what I really want is for someone out there to see what we really are and there probably is no way of doing that besides living here. Or should I post about our lifestyle to give people a glimpse of another way of living an “American” life? Families are so different and really don’t think any one way has a monopoly on being right, but my children seem well adjusted and happy and it’s not because they are special minds, or that we were very strict and trained them up right. I’d really love my version of a happy family life to be out there for people to see.

A New Month and A New Leaf

July is here! June was just a crazy month for me. I read a lot but didn’t write much since I wasn’t home much. And I started to have that “falling behind” feeling once I was home that kept me from even getting started. But then I started to think, “What am I ‘falling behind’ in?” I mean, I’m not competing with anyone. There is no due date for my studies. Why not just keep chugging along? Then I found this awesome article yesterday called “Why Constant Learners All Embrace the 5 Hour Rule”. It was just the kick in the butt I needed! I read a lot in the morning and try to get to writing but sometimes I sit there thinking about all the other work I need to do, like housework and the kid’s, so I set it aside and think I’ll get back to it later. It never happens. On top of that, I start to feel like it’s all so futile. How can I possibly get anywhere reading and writing for only a couple hours a day? But it sure looks like Ben Franklin got in only slightly more reading time than I do! And when he wrote, it didn’t go anywhere besides his journals and the small newspaper he worked for. I’m doing something pretty similar! So there is a point to all of this after all. I may just be writing for my own edification, but you never know what may happen in the future. It’s all exciting when you look at it like that.

Here’s the piece I really want to work on, though, “Creating a club for “like-minded aspiring artisans and tradesmen who hoped to improve themselves while they improved their community”. Artisans and tradesmen can be pretty loosely interpreted. What if I created a book club that reads and discusses what they are reading? Already done! And now I’m encouraged to continue the idea and build on it. Great stuff!

The other one is “reflection time”, which I’ve posted about before, right?! Still working on that but it’s coming along too. Also, I’m going to start posting my book notes as I write them, instead of when they are done. Waiting is causing me anxiety about finishing them and posting nothing in the mean time. Shorter is better anyway! You’ll have to read in installments.

Examining My Blog Title

I really love my blog title and tag line! I was pretty proud that I thought of it, mostly because I don’t consider myself clever with word play. I’ll tell you why I chose it though. Roadrunner is in it because I love them. I watch them a lot in my yard. They look like tiny flying dinosaurs. Have you ever seen one up close? It’s not so much the way they look as the way they move. They run, of course, head down, tail out, in a straight line and then STOP! Head up, tail up, looking around. They make a weird clicking noise that reminds me of taser gun. And they tease my cat by running by him and up a tree. He follows right up to the top and then the bird glides down with his big wings and walks away. The cat is stranded and that roadrunner knows it. It’s just so darn entertaining!

Musings…well, that word could probably be changed. I’m not sure to what though. I think it’s what this blog is about. My personal musings about what I’m reading. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind. I’m not trying to start a revolution. I’m not trying to sell anything. I’m just trying to connect…wait a minute. Roadrunner Connection. That might be even better.

And I am “just a person…thinking…out loud…”, at least online. I wouldn’t even really consider myself a “writer”. I’m a perpetual student trying my best to learn something new, to make sense of what I read, and to reach out to others. I also love discussion. It’s one of the best ways that I learn. I can read a book, put it down, pick it up a year later and not remember I even read it, let alone what it was about. But if I make some notes and tell someone about it, I can remember it much better. One of my favorite things in the world is a live discussion group. There is nothing in the world like sitting around with a bunch of other people talking about a book, article, or movie. I feel like my blog will be the next best thing if I can find and keep active followers.

I’m open to some suggestions, so let me know if I’m missing something obvious!