Try to Not Suck

Don’t you just love it when a post comes across your screen at just the most perfect moment?!

The Trial of Miles

“Good is the enemy of Great.” -Bono

“Can we try to not suck?” -Jeff Stelpflüg, May 1996

ChemEQ From October, working with my students on balancing chemical equations.

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I have a phobia of your phobia.

Fighting hate with hate.

Your anger makes me angry so I’m pissed at you.

Why can’t we just let people alone? Be an example of peaceful coexisitence.

“But if we do, they’ll hate and maybe hurt someone!”

So you’ll hate and hurt back? Where does that get us?

Are You Sure?

“Uncertainty removes our judgments of others; it preempts the unnecessary stereotyping and biases that we otherwise feel when we see somebody on TV, in the office, or on the street. Uncertainty also relieves us of our judgment of ourselves.”

From Mark Manson’s “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck”

There was a boatload of awesome in this book but this just made me happy. Thinking we know it all just causes so many problems. If we let that go, if we assume we just don’t know, suddenly the doors open. I just love it.

Kids These Days

Why is it that every single generation descends into the following phrases?

“Kids these days!”

“No respect!”

“Things were better when I was a kid!”

“The world is just going to hell in handbasket!”

“These new (insert thing here) are just the lowest of the low. It will destroy us as a people!”

And each generation raises its children the same way. They openly say that they (as a generation) didn’t teach kids (as the next generation) to be better people than they were. People rarely stop and think, maybe if I did something different. All they can think to do is more of the same and expect better results.

I recently told someone that I treat my kids as special guests in my home. I mean, they didn’t ask to be there. I asked them to come to me. In fact, I begged God for a family of my own and He obliged. If I asked friends to come over for dinner and then got huffy because they didn’t bring a pot luck dish and weren’t pulling their weight around here, I doubt they’d ever come back. Why do we do it to children?

They looked at me like I’d lost my mind.

Why do we have children and then treat them as if they are uninvited, hungry creeps that plan on sucking us dry and treating us horribly if we don’t knock them into line before they are able to fight back?

Think about it for a minute. What’s the best way to teach another person kindness? Isn’t it by being kind to them and others around you? Isn’t asking for help and accepting the answer of yes or no, showing respect for their answers?