I have been listening to Derek Sivers on the Tim Ferriss show the past few days and heard him talk about a “now” page of what you are currently working on. I have to have one of my own!

So here it is!

What am I working on now?

The biggest project is homeschooling our two sons. That doesn’t look like what you think it does. I’m mostly support. I help find things, keep food in the house and clothes clean, I fund things (or negotiate with Dad to do so), I drive. It’s constant adjustment to my way of thinking and to my own schedule.

I’ve been working on my own education since we decided to not send our kids to school. I read. I write. I listen. This past year I’ve been reading the Harvard Classics. My husband bought them for me as a birthday present from our local used bookstore last year. There is a daily reading list in it along with lectures on different subjects. I’m almost done! I also read books that I find suggested in podcasts and articles I read. When I read articles or watch a video, I post them to my Twitter account to keep track and share my meanderings with others. At this moment, I’m reading “What is Islam?” by Shahab Ahmed. I have a Goodreads account that keeps track of my books. I’m always reading my Bible each day. I’d like to find some new commentary this year and get into a deeper study. My writing here reflects my thoughts about what I’m reading and discovering each day. I wouldn’t consider myself a writer, more of a talker, but I’d like to be able to better communicate my ideas and thinking with more that my own household, so I work at learning to get my ideas across in print.

I recently felt that my real passion is helping others discover the joys of home education, so I began to be more active in our local group of homeschoolers even though my children are almost grown and aren’t really involved anymore. I have the time that parents of younger children don’t, so I organize what I call “enrichment meetings” at our local private community center that meet weekly to share ideas and discover new ideas. It’s growing and I think it really serves them well. Hopefully it will become something wonderful we can all keep going for future homeschoolers as well. I think I’ll elaborate on that a bit more in the near future!




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