THE Book!

Ahh, the best laid plans…I’m still writing this book. It’s just taking longer than I expected. Doesn’t everything? I started writing it thinking I’d post as I go, but about half way through decided that I would stop and finish writing to the end and then post the rest.

It’s been a difficult process for me so far, but it has been very cathartic. To find the right words, I have to go back to that place and relive a lot of what happened. It’s painful at times. Being a sensitive type, I have a hard time coming out of it and it makes me grumpy. My incentive to finish is thinking that I’ll never have to go that far back again.

This is my story. It’s not fiction. It happened to us and it changed the way we see the world.


Mother’s Day Dedication

Go To Sleep!


Knock at the Door

Taken In


Going Home

Journal Entry – May 26

Journal Entry – May 27

Journal Entry – May 31 and June 1

Journal Entry – June 2 & 3

Journal Entry – June 4

Journal Entry – June 8

Journal Entry – June 17


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